NEW: Stellenbosch High School refurbished two ‘hyper-modern’ science classrooms for the use of science demonstrations. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - Stellenbosch High School refurbished its science classrooms into two ‘hyper-modern’ science labs for the use of science demonstrations, with another three classrooms to be completed later this year.

The school’s head of department for life sciences, Niel Retief, said the refurbishment of the science classrooms served to provide pupils with space, equipment, and an environment to advance their scientific experimentation. The labs’ design and surfaces are among the most modern science classrooms in the Western Cape.

“Science is becoming part of our lives and our education.

“This lab will have a positive influence and make our learners innovators.

“What we have now is a space in which learners want to learn and where demonstrations and practicals can be done with ease. The classrooms are built in auditorium style and arranged in such a way that the teacher can move around in class to reach each pupil’s workspace to explain the content of the lesson,” said Retief.

The school’s old laboratories and classrooms are 40 years old. The refurbished classrooms are designed in such a way that pupils will be able to do experiments by themselves. An excited Grade 11 pupil, Maja van Aswegen, said, “this is a great initiative and it brings hope for the future of science in our school”.

Stellenbosch High principal Theo Pellissier said, “we try to equip learners with practical skills and not just book knowledge. The refurbished classrooms lend themselves well to this because the subjects presented here, are practical in nature”.


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