Shotgun robbery suspects as they steal vehicles from a premises in Strandfontein. Photo: supplied
Shotgun robbery suspects as they steal vehicles from a premises in Strandfontein. Photo: supplied

Strandfontein residents urged to be on alert with shotgun-toting robbers on the loose

By Robin-Lee Francke Time of article published Nov 17, 2020

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Cape Town – A new crime trend has started in Cape Town, with criminals using shotguns to threaten their victims.

In Strandfontein, two houses were targeted in the same street weeks apart, and this has become a concern for residents in the area.

Speaking to African News Agency (ANA), chairperson of the Strandfontein Community Police Forum (CPF) Sandy Schuter said the robbers were nonchalant while carrying out their crime.

“We are very concerned as a community. We are doing our level best to keep Strandfontein safe.

“We have very regular visibility patrols throughout the area, but we still can't be everywhere at once.

“We have been appealing to the community to call SAPS when they witness anything,” Schuter said.

Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson Sandy Schuter says the robberies have become a concern. File photo

Earlier this month, a neighbour in Cuttlefish Road filmed three robbers targeting a home.

The robbers, armed with a shotgun, told everyone in the house to lie on the floor, robbed them of their belongings and stole two vehicles.

In the video footage, the robbers can be seen taking their time as they carry out the crime.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed the incident.

“This office can confirm that a house robbery case was registered after an incident that occurred in Cuttlefish Road, Strandfontein, was reported at Strandfontein SAPS.

“According to reports the perpetrators were armed with one shotgun. The case is still under investigation and no arrest has been made to date,” Van Wyk said.

He urged anyone with information to come forward.

The robbers drive off with one of the vehicles they stole from a house in Strandfontein. Photo: supplied

Schuter, however, was not impressed with the neighbour who filmed the incident.

“This isn't the first time this crime has taken place and you have someone taking an entire video of the crime and not calling police.

“Strandfontein police station is minutes away from where this (robbery) took place and it's disgusting that the neighbour thought he was doing anyone a favour by recording the entire thing and didn't bother to call the police.

“People should stop wanting to be reporters for social media and they should call and report to police first,” Schuter told ANA.

There is a growing concern that the suspects will strike again. The CPF has urged people to remain vigilant and immediately contact the police if they notice something suspicious.

African News Agency (ANA)

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