Teaching coding and robotics is vital for children as it prepares them for a technologically-driven future. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - VJ Robotics, a company founded  by a team of educational experts specialising in the fields of science and  engineering, wants to make robotics  and coding accessible to children from  all walks of life.

The technology company - named after Jessica and Verlin Govender - was bought over last year with the aim of expanding the educational arm of the firm.

“Originally, we only started giving workshops to schools in Gauteng, because we’re based in Rosebank in Johannesburg, but then we expanded to the Western Cape and permanently have someone based there to expand that market,” said Clayton Campbell, director of VJ Robotics.

“We teach coding and robotics to high school and primary school children, getting them excited about careers in the fields in science, technology, engineering, and maths (Stem) because these sorts of jobs would likely generate more income than labour-intensive occupations,” he said.

Campbell said that VJ Robotics came to the Western Cape at least once every three weeks to host corporate-funded workshops with children, at no cost to the school or pupils.

“It’s often at the more rural schools where we see the most creativity, because it’s likely these kids have never been exposed to coding or robotics before, so they’re forced to think out of the box,” he said.

“It’s vital to get kids interested in technology and careers in science because these are jobs in high demand; it’s all about making Stem accessible to kids from under-resourced communities and opening up bright future prospects they may never have thought of before.”


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