The Terrible Josters gang in Delft South are facing 200 charges, including 14 murders that were committed between 2008 and 2017. File picture.
Cape Town - One of the murders that Horatio Solomons, alias Voudie - who the State identified as the leader of Terrible Josters gang, and 11 others - is accused of, is that of a 19-year-old matriculant who was gunned down in Delft in October 2014.

Roosendal High learner Lorenzo de Kock was killed on October 17, 2014, near his home hours before he was due to attend his valedictory service.

The State alleges that Solomons, along with Ismail Ockerts, Brian Fieghland, Ishmaeel Ockerts, Elton Ely, Brent Campbell, Bradly Roberts, Lezay Booysen, Fabian Constable, Ziyaad Saafodien, Keenean Kruger and Lucian Consul, are guilty of several counts of murder, attempted murder, contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, dealing in drugs, money laundering and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

According to the indictment, the State alleges that Solomons along with Roberts and Booysen unlawfully and intentionally with common purpose killed De Kock by shooting him.

In papers relating to Solomons’s bail denial in March 2019, the State alleges that a witness was at the home of Solomons and present when he allegedly told Roberts and Booysen that he had a suspicion that a school was spying on behalf of the Dixie Boys gang and indicated that this boy needed to be killed.

However, Solomons denied that he planned to or murdered the matriculant.

The State also argues that Solomons allegedly ordered several hits on suspected rival gang members. This was corroborated by the evidence from the State witness, who said under oath last week in the Western Cape High Court that the gang regularly took out rival members during turf wars.

Papers further reveal that one of these hits relates to the murder of Aubrey Johannes on July 24, 2014, in Delft.

The State alleges that the witness was told by Ely that he, Solomons and others would have to kill Johannes because the Sexy Boys used Johannes’s vehicle to transport assassins during another murder.

The case resumes on August 26.


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