The show must go on for The Kiffness after US robbery

David Scott from The Kiffness. Picture: Instagram

David Scott from The Kiffness. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 10, 2023


Cape Town - Cape Town’s David “The Kiffness” Scott fell victim to a robbery in Detroit while on a US music tour.

Scott, known for his funny parodies, took to social media to tell followers that he was robbed of R90000 worth of music equipment including his famous ukelele, used to make his uniquely funny songs.

The Cape Town-based musician told followers in Detroit that gear was stolen out of their van.

Scott also appeared on Fox News where he appealed to residents to help find his stolen goods and also thanked the channel for the free publicity.

— The Kiffness (@TheKiffness) November 8, 2023

Despite the loss of equipment, the show continued the next day in Chicago.

In his latest post on X, Scott thanked followers for the influx of support, adding he was pleased no one got hurt.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the circumstances around two German tourists who were robbed along Baden Powell Drive. The incident took place at about 12.45pm on Tuesday when the elderly couple stopped near Wolfgat to take some pictures of the scenery when they were approached by two suspects.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said the suspects, aged 30 and 34, face charges of armed robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm, and were expected to appear at the Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court once charged.

“The male passenger remained in the vehicle and took a nap while his wife took the camera to take pictures when they were approached by two unknown males. The one suspect went to the vehicle and after knocking on the car window, he opened the driver’s door and grabbed the GPS which was plugged in on the front seat.”

“The suspect struck the victim, and showed a panga in his hand when he tried to resist him. The second suspect grabbed the female victim’s camera and forced her down on to the ground.

“The victim then gave the suspect a cash note in an attempt to get him to leave her alone. When passers-by approached the scene, the two suspects fled on foot. A chase ensued and the suspects were arrested and the stolen items recovered along with the weapons used to commit the deed.”

This is the second tourist attack in Cape Town in days, as an American tourist from Connecticut, was shot in the face when his GPS directed him into Nyanga last Friday as he sought a shortcut to avoid the traffic, heading towards Simonstown.