Simons Town Navy Yard. File Photo: Jeffrey Abrahams/ANA Archives

CAPE TOWN - The South African Navy on Friday revealed that it has launched an investigation after the discovery of a private mechanical repair shop operating from one of its bases in Cape Town.

In a statement, navy spokesperson Commander Greyling van den Berg said Chief of the South African Navy, Vice Admiral Mosiwa Hlongwane, was made aware of a civilian company operating from SAS Wingfield without the required authority. 

"A whistle-blower reported this situation to the South African Navy Headquarters and that resulted in a surprise visit by the Chief of the South African Navy to SAS Wingfield on Thursday," Van den Berg said. "It came to light that a civilian mechanical repair workshop is operating from one of the unused sheds on the base. 

"The Chief of the Navy sees this matter in an extremely serious light and will leave no stone unturned to determine who authorised this arrangement and whether any naval officer may have benefited unduly. The company in question will be ordered to vacate the premises."

African News Agency (ANA)