EXPERT ACCOUNT: Henri van Breda at the Western Cape High Court where Police Captain Marius Joubert continued his testimony. Picture: David Ritchie

Cape Town - According to the State’s blood spatter analyst, there were numerous instances in which the blood spatter from the crime scene didn’t align with Henri Van Breda’s statement, the  Western Cape High Court heard on Tuesday.

Captain Marius Joubert continued testifying in Van Breda trial, concluding the evidence on his first report, and informing the court on his second report.

Joubert wasn’t on the state’s initial witness list, was called to give evidence in court at Defence Advocate Pieter Botha’s request.

Joubert said that the position of Henri during the events within his bedroom, is inconsistent and is not supported with the spatter blood stains found on his shorts, and white socks. Henri was close to Rudi and Martin when they were attacked according to the blood stains Joubert testified.

He revealed that Martin van Breda and Rudi’s attack were both surprise attacks, as Rudi had been laying in bed, while Martin was attacked while at Rudi’s bed. Joubert said this was due to the attack being initiated on Martin’s right side, and the lack of defensive wounds on his hands, forearms, and upper front body.

Joubert did however reveal that Teresa's attack occurring in the passage does support Henri's sequence of events according to his statement, and he attributed this to the blood stains on Rudi’s door frame.

The witness also said that before he collected the evidence from the shower, which contained DNA that was a mixture sample of Rudi, Henri and Teresa, he had put on a protective kit. He stated that when looking at the evidence found there, it was possible that the blood most likely was coming from an object.

In that way, the blood was able to make it onto the shorts, but Joubert also said that the mixture could have been the DNA of just the two brothers. He also said that the evidence found of the stairs, does not support Henri’s statement in which he said he had fainted on the stairs.

The witness also said, that he believed the victims were attacked in a short period of time, where thereafter, Rudi’s body had been moved.  

“There was no indication that Rudi was mobile after his attack,” Joubert said.

Joubert added that he also couldn’t rule out the possibility of the scene being staged.

The trial will continue in the Western High Court on Wednesday, where defence lawyer Pieter Both will further cross-exam Joubert.

Henri Van Breda stands accused of the murder of his brother, Rudi, his father Martin, and his mother Teresa. His also faces a charge of attempted murder of his sister, Marli.

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