The oldest man in Cape Town and possibly the world, Fredie Blom turned 115 on 08 May. Picture: Tracey Adams/African News Agency(ANA)

Cape Town - The Guinness Book of World Records is in the process of verifying whether Fredie Blom of Delft, who turned 115 last week, is indeed the oldest man in the world.

Fredie’s wife, Jeanette, 88, says an official from Guinness came to their house three weeks ago and asked to see Fredie’s identity document.

She says the woman asked them to keep the visit confidential, and could also not tell them when to expect feedback.

Fredie is believed to be oldest man in the world. Last year Guinness World Records certified 113-year-old Masazo Nonaka of Japan as the world’s oldest man.

Fredie’s milestone birthday was celebrated with a bang on Thursday when 115 elderly persons were treated to breakfast, cakes and a food hamper each from Spar.

Among the invited guests were auntie Nora de Kock, of Kalkfontein, who turned 109 years old on Sunday.

Fredie turned 115 on Wednesday, 8 May and his party was postponed due to the national elections.

SMILE! Fredie and Jeanette Blom at the centre of attention. Picture: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice
SMILE! Fredie and Jeanette Blom at the centre of attention. Picture: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice


The bash was held at the Delft Civic Centre thanks to community worker Gadija Francis, who first introduced Fredie to the Daily Voice, and the world, in 2014 when he turned 110.

Among the donors were the Delft Senior Forum, Shoprite in Delft Mall, McDonald’s, Power Construction and Spar, while generous Daily Voice readers gave Fredie a huge flatscreen TV, a two-plate stove, and an OpenView dish and decoder.

Taking this all in, Fredie remained passive, as always, sipping his coffee with four teaspoons of sugar.

Asked how he felt, Fredie said he feels good and that respect for others is what has carried him through his long life.

“Ek is oraait, ek will net baie dankie sê vir almal (I'm doing alright, i just want to tell everyone thank you very much),” he said.

Reminiscing about his youth, he said: “As ons gesit het waar daar gesels is met die groot mense, dan moet jy spat. (If we sat at the table where adults were having conversation, then we had to leave).”

He also received two stunning cakes in the form of a hat and book from baker Joyce Ntombekhaya Dekeni from Delft. McDonald’s baked 150 muffins for the guests.

Johnny Moore, of Power Construction, and his team who has built over 1000 homes in Delft also had a kwaai gift for Fredie. They repainted his home and replaced his ceiling.

MILESTONE: Freddie and Jeanette Blom
 at his 115th bash. Picture: Jack Lestrade/Daily Voice


As people began to sing happy birthday, a woman was heard shouting: “This is God’s miracle and this is (what you get) when you have respect for your parents and honour them.”

Fredie, who was a gardener, was born in 1904 in Adelaide in the Eastern Cape.

He has no other living relatives besides his wife. They have no children.

The oldest man in Cape Town and possibly the world, Fredie Blom turned 115 on 08 May. He and his wife, Jeanette Blom were entertained with a birthday party at the Delft Civic Centre on Thursday. Blom was gifted with a large flat screen television, a two plate stove and various cakes. Video: Tracey Adams/African News Agency(ANA)

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