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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Vredenburg mom recounts horror murders of her two young children allegedly by her ex

Derick Kalmeyer is escorted from the Western Cape High Court by police. Picture: Armand Hough /Independent Newspapers

Derick Kalmeyer is escorted from the Western Cape High Court by police. Picture: Armand Hough /Independent Newspapers

Published Nov 7, 2023


Cape Town - A Vredenburg mother was reduced to tears in the Western Cape High Court as she relived the horrific murders of her two young children allegedly at the hands of her former boyfriend.

After a four-year wait Frizaan Adams shocked the court when she explained how her 3-year-old daughter, Faith, was stabbed 17 times, while her 18-month-old son, Conroy, was flung through a glass window. He later died in hospital on May 1, 2019.

At the time of the murders, police arrested her boyfriend, Derick Kalmeyer, who was found hiding in his home.

Kalmeyer now faces two counts of murder, two of attempted murder and one count of resisting arrest. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

The State’s case is that Kalmeyer arrived home and started an argument with Frizaan and her friend. The State alleges that he attacked the two women with a crowbar and as they fled he stabbed Faith with a beer bottle and flung Conroy through a closed window causing the glass to shatter.

Faith Washiela Adams. Picture: Supplied
Derick Kalmeyer is escorted from the Western Cape High Court by police. Picture: Armand Hough / Independent Newspapers

Police were called and found a knife near Faith’s body. When they went to arrest Kalmeyer he allegedly threatened to stab the police officer with a piece of metal.

In the dock yesterday, Kalmeyer was seen crying as the State prosecutor read out the indictment. Using a red piece of fabric he was seen hiding his face while 28 gang tattoos were clearly visible on his hands.

Frizaan testified that she and Kalmeyer had been dating for a few months. On the night of the murder he arrived home with three colleagues and demanded her friend leave with the men but she refused and an argument ensued. “I was laying in the bed and Christolene was sitting at my feet with her child. He came in with a crowbar in his hand and said he feels like he can kill me, Faith and Conroy.”

Frizaan said as the door of the shack opened she was grabbed by Kalmeyer’s sister. They hid her in a wardrobe.

Tears flowed as Frizaan relived the cries of her children, and the shattering of the glass as Conroy was thrown through the window.

“Her crying just stopped and I had to push my way through to get to my children. I couldn’t hear Faith cry anymore and I saw Derick’s sister holding her, she was already dead. He stabbed her 17 times. Conroy was on his knees and all I heard him say was: ‘pappa’. I saw some blood and we were taken away with an ambulance to the hospital.

“I was standing outside the room and they were busy putting pipes in him. The doctor came out and said I must get ready as we are going to Cape Town and that is when he died inside the room.”

She says after the murders she resorted to drugs as she struggles to sleep. The trial continues.

Conroy Adams. Picture: Supplied

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