Cape Flats icons, Marc Lottering and Salome Damon-Johansen got together to create a lekker summer number. Pictures: Facebook
Cape Flats icons, Marc Lottering and Salome Damon-Johansen got together to create a lekker summer number. Pictures: Facebook

WATCH: Marc Lottering and Salome's summer song is thanks to Aunty Merle

By Venecia Valentine Time of article published Dec 19, 2019

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Cape Town - Two Cape Flats icons got together to create a summer number just in time for the festive season.

When comedian Marc Lottering approached singer Salome Damon-Johansen to collaborate on the song, it was an obvious win for the duo.

Now in the third installment of hiscomedic Aunty Merle franchise - this one called Aunty Merle - It’s a Gir l - at the Baxter Theatre, Lottering says it was “destiny” working with Salome on the song, titled It’s Complicated.

Marc, who penned the lyrics already earlier this year, says: “I was developing the script for the show. I was needing to write a song for a club scene, a nomme that would klop(a song with a great beat).

“It needed to be a song all about celebrating who you are, and reminding others that it is not their prerogative to change who you are.

“When I first sang the song to our musical director, Trevino Isaacs, I immediately told him this would be the perfect summer song for Salome,” says Lottering.

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“We joked about it, but I never called her.

“Then on 22 November, I gathered enough courage to send Salome the song via Whatsapp.

“She gave it a listen and I was over the moon when she said she’d love to record the song.

“A few days later she was in Ebrahim Mallum’s recording studio, and they started working on a version of the song that would suit Salome.”

Salome says she was so honoured when Marc called she simply could not say no.

“I always wanted to be part of Marc’s productions and never thought I would actually get this big opportunity to work with him,” she tells the Daily Voice.

“This is huge for my career and a complete honour.”

The intro to the song goes: “So you got questions ‘bout my life, oh you would like to know, what I’ve been up to, you want to offer some advice, you saying maybe I should change my crew, it’s complicated, when you try to box me in, gets me frustrated.”

Salome says she could relate to the song on so many levels.

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“With both myself and Marc being in a gay marriage with our partners, we can relate that it’s complicated when some people don’t accept your lifestyle or can’t get with the times, hence this is perfect and is easily the story for most people who hear the song.”

The song was recorded in just two days and was officially released on KFM on Sunday.

Check out Marc and Salome’s social media platforms for information on how you can get your hands on their number.


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