Metro police search two suspected pickpockets after a supporter’s phone was stolen in Loop Street. Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency(ANA)
Cape Town - While thousands of Capetonians celebrated with the Springboks on Monday morning, the victory tour apparently turned sour for some due to pickpockets and violence. 

African News Agency photographer, David Ritchie was taking pictures of the Springboks when he came across a metro police officer searching the pockets of suspects.

"I was just following the Springboks bus along Loop Street taking pics and the crowd was running behind the bus. Then I saw some men and metro police running off to the side, towards to the pavement, pushing others in the process, so I stopped to check and saw metro police and the victim searching two guys."

Ritchie captured the featured picture with many others looking on, but according to Cape Law Enforcement Inspector, Wayne Dyason, nothing was recorded of the incident by their officers or their control centre.

"Those were metro officers (but it) could not have been a big thing or we would have heard."

The Cape Argus is aware of two other pickpocket incidents that occurred during the parade in the CBD.

In a separate incident, video footage was captured of a man suspected of having stolen a cellphone being assaulted after he was caught by people in the crowd. 

The incident happened in Strand Street.

SAPS spokesperson Mihlali Majikela said that the media office had consulted with Cape Town Central police and "they have confirmed that they have no records of the matter referred to in your enquiry reported as yet".

In August, the Cape Argus reported that residents and tourists have been encouraged to be more aware in Long Street as criminals are becoming more skilful at pickpocketing.

Noloyiso Rwexana, a spokesperson for SAPS, said: “There are several common robbery cases opened for investigation at Cape Town police station and in most of the cases, victims are being pickpocketed by suspects while they walk in Long Street and surrounding areas.

"The criminals normally target the victims by pretending to be fighting and pickpocket those who seem unaware and under the influence of alcohol.”

Cape Argus