Well-known Goedverwacht rugby player drowns in dam

Lee-Mohn Booys

Lee-Mohn Booys

Published Jan 22, 2024


A well-known rugby player from Goedverwacht, near Piketberg, tragically drowned in a dam on Saturday afternoon.

Police spokesperson Wesley Twigg said the circumstances surrounding the incident were under investigation.

“Piketberg police registered an inquest for investigation following an incident in which a 30-year-old man drowned in a dam on Saturday afternoon at about 1.10pm. A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death.”

Lee-Mohn Booys went swimming with friends at Piket Bo-berg, where he drowned. His mother, Cornelia Dodenburg, 61, said she got the call before 3pm on Saturday.

“He went to spend the day at the mountain with friends and went for a swim. According to his friend who was with him, the friend dived in and told Lee-Mohn ‘moenie in duik nie’ (don’t dive in) but he jumped in.

“When the friend came up, Lee-Mohn called him for help. By the time he got to Lee-Mohn, he was already under the water. Lee-Mohn could swim but the water is deep.

“We still can’t believe that it is true but the Lord came to pick his flower, it had to happen like that because it was his time. God doesn’t ask for age.

Lee-Mohn was a people’s person, he was a drinker but he wasn’t difficult and never looked for trouble and he was well known in the community.”

Lee-Mohn was not married and did not have children. However, he had a girlfriend who is “shattered” by his passing.

Goedverwacht Rugby Club, where Lee-Mohn was a member, took to Facebook to share a heartfelt post in remembrance of the player known as The Garden, aka Kanonvoet (Cannon foot). The post has close to 300 responses and more than 100 tributes in the comments section.

Family spokesperson Magdalene Sandt said that Lee-Mohn looked forward to the 2024 rugby season.

“Sometimes he played number 10 or back player number 15. He would’ve played his first friendly match on Saturday and was looking forward to it because he had a passion for the sport.”

Lee-Mohn leaves behind mother and two older brothers.

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