Captain Wayne Nachtmann of the Police’s Investigative Psychological Unit who testified in alleged serial rapist, Aviwe Hoya's trial at the Western Cape High Court. Picture: Supplied.
Cape Town - At least three of the five rapes committed by alleged serial rapist Aviwe Hoya occurred on the same day of the week between 7.20am and 7.30am.

This is according to Captain Wayne Nachtmann, of the Police’s Investigative Psychological Unit, who testified in the Western Cape High Court in the case where Hoya is accused of targeting girls on their way to school in Khayelitsha.

The victims were aged between 10 and 15. The incidents took place between 2011 and 2012. The accused was linked to the crimes through forensic evidence.

On Thursday, Nachtmann explained his involvement.

He said a visit to the crime scene and from information detailed in the dockets he could come up with a profile and most likely, the modus operandi used by the accused, “and is corroborated by DNA profile matches”.

“I saw from pre-instances, the rapes took place on a Tuesday - in three cases.

“Two occurred at 7.20am and one at 7.30am. In all instances he used a knife.

“It also showed his behaviour; on three occasions the suspect was running towards or after the victims. The suspect dragged his victims, grabbing and then robbing them,” Nachtmann said.

Four victims were taken to a nearby toilet, forced to undress and raped. The 5th victim was raped in a nearby shack.

Nachtmann said this was a typical case of a serial rapist.

“If an accused rapes two or more people, they automatically become a serial rapist.

In this case he was targeting school girls,” Nachtmann said.

Thuthuzela Centre’s Dr Madinani Mokoka, at the Khayelitsha District Hospital, testified that at least three of the victims had sand and blood in their privates. She said the youngest victim was examined on June 5, 2012.

“Her hymen was swollen and she had fresh cuts and abrasions on the perineal area. My conclusion was acute penetration by a blunt object.” She testified the girl had been “deflowered”.

Hoya, 26, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His trial follows a plea and sentencing agreement which he rejected. It continues on Monday.


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