ACTIVATE! Change Drivers develops youth who act as a “positive social force” in their communities.
Cape Town - Activate! Change Drivers, a non-profit youth organisation, has compiled a book, Heroes, featuring some of the 3400 youth Activators who participated in its leadership programme.

This organisation believes these youth heroes should be celebrated before Youth Day on June 16.

Activate! Change Drivers sees itself as developing youth who act as a “positive social force” in their communities, creating a network of young people who are social, political and economic drivers towards positive change.

Activate! communications manager Kim Barlow said its network has been in existence for seven years.

“The positive impact these young people have had on their communities is astounding - 90% of the network is involved in at least one pro-social activity - this is unprecedented in a time when self-enrichment and personal gain takes preference over the well-being of the collective.

“With the book, we hope to inspire not only the network but also the country, by showcasing what is possible in a world where young people have hope in the face of challenges and how this hope can translate to the creation of impactful opportunities,” she said.

Barlow said it was hoped other young people who read the book would recognise themselves in the stories of the Activators.

“They too have the power to change their circumstances; to help others - and it all starts with small acts of kindness. We’re sharing these stories to inspire the country and change the narrative that young people are apathetic; and replace them with stories of youth who are making a positive impact,” she said.

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