"Only one thing matters -who makes their crosses where on the ballot paper. The people of Cape Town will speak again with a loud voice in 2019 and 2021."
The DA is going from bad to worse. First, Patricia de Lille was accused of corruption, but no due process was followed on the veracity of the allegations, and the matter was left hanging.

One of their chief witnesses was so tainted that his evidence would not stand up in court. So the first strategy of character assassination fell flat.

Then the DA tried the political path, a vote of no confidence which ended with a mud-in-the face result, defeated in a vote where one’s party has a 66% majority, indeed the ultimate humiliation. At this stage, those intent of ridding themselves of this troublesome woman must have been pulling their hair out, for strategy two was a miserable failure.

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Character assassination didn’t work, a vote of no confidence didn’t work, so let’s try a third foolproof way. Change the rules in our own kingdom, our DA constitution, for in that way all power is vested in our internal processes, and we can do as we please.

On to the stage of this soap opera jumps Natasha Mazzone, saying “her membership has ceased because of the controversy surrounding her”, and thus De Lille will no longer be mayor. Nothing to do with criminal charges, or incompetence, or even mismanagement. After all, during the 2016 local government elections, De Lille was one of the DA’s knights in shining armour, running an efficient city with clean audits.

The only charge now is that she is controversial, which is nonsensical, unsubstantiated drivel.

The DA’s federal executive got its way, but it is clear that it is deeply troubled by its own decision, with Mazzone admitting “immeasurable damage”, and James Selfe apologising for the confusing time which the citizens had suffered.

In politics, in the final analysis, only one thing matters. Who makes their crosses where on the ballot paper. The people of Cape Town will speak again with a loud voice in 2019 and 2021.

Hopefully, then the DA federal executive will come to understand that mayors are not elected by a few plotters sitting in a dark room but by blue-collar workers who keep our country going.

* George Hector, Heathfield.

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