Danny Oosthuizen, #TheDignityProject ambassador, in his weekly daily column for the Cape Argus tackles the struggles homeless people face. Picture: David Ritchie/ANA Pictures
Cape Town - An ambulance transporting an injured child to hospital was ambushed on the Borcherds Quarry Road on Wednesday evening.

It was forced to a halt and the crew were robbed at gunpoint, while the child’s mother frantically tried to tell them her kid was in a critical condition and needed urgent medical attention.

The robbers did not care.

I cannot begin to imagine how lost, helpless and scared the mother must have felt.

This year almost 800 000 matric pupils will write their final exams. Those who pass and go on to college or university will probably have to deal with #FeesMustFall protests.

Yes, we have no money for free education - it was wasted by the many people we put our trust in.

For those seeking employment, you just need to look at the stats: around 9.3million people are unemployed, six times the world average.

More than half of the population is living under the poverty line. And in the middle of this madness, certain political figures are coining it.

If only we had a passion to deal with corruption like we have for rugby or soccer, we would be far better off. But we carry on regardless.

I sincerely wish the matriculants success in finding substantial employment.

And I wish homeless people manage to get a job that can cover their shelter fees.

We are not able to go out and find accommodation outside shelter life. So we end up in and out of shelters. Very few actually get to go solo. It’s frustrating.

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. These days, being kind can confuse people. Kindness can be seen as a sign of weakness. When I got the opportunity to work, to better myself, I never took into consideration the way some homeless people would expect me to just hand out my hard-earned cash.

Wherever I walk, it’s R2 here and R5 there. Some don’t even bother to greet me and ask how I am.

Entitlement is an ugly monster. And to better oneself, you must let go of all the nasty habits you had while on the streets.

But trying to explain it to others is no easy task. They assume you now think you are better than the rest. So these days I tend to be all by myself.

There are so many free online courses one can use to study. I am currently doing a diploma in social-work studies. You study at your own pace.

Go look at www.alison.com. Here you will find many courses. Best of all, it’s free. One must make use of every opportunity to better oneself. The world is ever changing.

As Janet Jackson sings (it is like she wrote this song with Cape Town in mind), “Drugs and crime spreadin’ on the streets, People can’t find enough to eat. Now our kids can’t go out and play, That’s the state of the world today”.

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