The Zondo Commission of Inquiry into state capture is bound to investigate allegations that some journalists were bribed to cover up corruption, the commission said. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency(ANA)
We’re a funny nation. We sing and dance when we are upset. Then we burn down schools, libraries, buses or trains.

When it came to the State Capture exposure we were so shocked we were almost numb.

Saga after saga.

The commission of inquiry exposed so many politicians that we barely could keep up with who is who in the corruption zoo.

It became an embarrassment as our ex-number one could not remember most of the incidents that occurred.

Did he not lay down an oath?

It started with that Gupta jet arriving at Waterkloof and the blue-light police escort to Sun City for the wedding guests who did not even go through an immigration checkpoint.

Saxonwold in Johannesburg was put on the map where secret meetings were held between the infamous Gupta brothers and politicians where they were offered posts in the Cabinet.

The Free State was centre stage for millions of rand allocated to fund a farming project. Most of this money, however, went for a top wedding in Sun City.

Blockbuster movie material, I tell you.

I guess we are so conditioned by lies and false promises. For instance, advertising. We as a nation buy health supplements worth millions each year, promising us better health.

However, turn the container around in no uncertain terms and it tells you the complete opposite. But boy do we pop those pills.

We buy facial products whereby a 50ml jar contains eternal youth “see results after six weeks use”.

The advertisement has young girls in their teens and twenties staring back at us with such glowing, even skin, the R1500 price tag doesn’t even make us gag. Ironically, it is older, mature women who invest the most in these products.

Then our poor men pop pills and all sorts of potions, rub on some strange smelling ointment in the hope of enlarging the “ego”.

It is almost impossible to walk around town without seeing these type of ads stuck to lamp posts, walls and at taxi ranks.

“Quick and safe” abortions are advertised out in the open, even though it is dangerous.

There is an eatery in Woodstock that has opened its doors. They have all kinds of worms, bugs and other crawling insects on the menu.

The traditional South African braai with real red meat - steak, sausage, pork ribs, etc. must be a nightmare for those anti-meat eaters.

With my pancreas compromised, I have to watch very carefully what I eat.

If it was made in nature I will eat it. Factory produced food is a no no - except tinned fish.

I cut out all extra sugar.

I drink tap water. I don’t contribute to plastic bottle waste that now must find its way to be recycled.

I eat small portions.

And the use of a microwave is a no-no too as it literally kills the entire meal and nothing nutritional is left . At times you end up eating “dead” food.

* Danny Oosthuizen is the ambassador of #TheDignityProject. In his weekly column for the Cape Argus he tackles the struggles homeless people face. Connect with Danny on Facebook and on Twitter @masekind3213 or via email: [email protected]

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