IGNORED: Too often we look the other way when confronted by the plight of others, like this man living in a field, says the writer.
Dear MEC Albert Fritz, Councillor William Alkim, Alderman JP Smith, Warrant Officer W Kleinsmith of SAPS Grassy Park, head of social development in Rosmead and social development officials.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been watching a fellow human being, an elderly gentleman, living like a animal in an open field right next to a major intersection on the corners of Hyde Road and Prince George Drive in Parkwood.

This man - I do not not know his mental state - is living in the worst conditions a human can live. Yet thousands of motorists and residents ignore him as if he is not worthy to be noted or cared for.

What further shocks me is that officials like police, social services and law enforcement must have seen this man living like an animal, but choose to cast a blind eye.

I am now requesting an official investigation into this fellow brother by all officials, and I am demanding - not requesting - an investigation into this issue.

Make it an investigation as if this man is your own father.

* Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery.

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Cape Argus