INCREASED DENSITY: An artist's impression of an aerial view of the Foreshore with the 'unfinished freeway' completed.


The DA seems to have an infatuation with property developers. There is a silo called “go for it” whenever the money bags walk through the front door. But it is time that the DA woke up to the responsibilities of government. There needs to be integration between the functions dealing with new build, infrastructure, finance, and (now) the water crisis management team.

Cape Town needs three extra dams to supply the overbuilding that has taken place in recent years. And for the foreseeable future there should be no new building permits until adequate water supplies are assured. The water shortage has little to do with “drought”. It is all about a failure of planning and a failure of government.

Maybe it is time for a new governing party in the Western Cape.

* Donald Cameron, Cape Town

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