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Many of us had a reason to smile recently as the heavens opened and gave the city a thorough soaking. It takes no reminding a year ago there was a concern that Cape Town would run out of water.

But like the people of this beautiful city always do during a crisis, they responded as a team. Residents heeded the call and reduced consumption of water, faith leaders led prayers for rain, and some residents sought other water sources.

The words Day Zero became a useful tool in creating awareness.

The authorities implemented water curbs and stupidly the issue also became deeply politicised. With the arrival of winter this year and the accompanying cold fronts, our dam levels have since acquired a respectable look. Now there’s a general feeling that many of last year’s worries are dissipating: It would be silly for us to drop our guard after all the hard work we have put in. 

Yes, the council may be unfair in slapping consumers with outrageous bills, but we must continue using water sparingly. As for those in power at the City - they have yet to start showing some genuine appreciation of the efforts that were made to stave off Day Zero.



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