Four type of police officers, not all are a credit to the service

A Tableview police officer was gunned down in Du Noon, Site 5. He was there to fix his TV when the shooting happened. Photographer: Leon Knipe

A Tableview police officer was gunned down in Du Noon, Site 5. He was there to fix his TV when the shooting happened. Photographer: Leon Knipe

Published Nov 25, 2023


The recent spate of arrests by SAPS officers countrywide, of suspected criminals, and the killing of them, justified by shooting back at suspects who resisted arrest and shot at police, is highly lauded.

Police have a right to defend themselves in maintaining law and order. While there might be little or no danger in a work shift, just a minute can be crucial as it could result in an officer being injured or, at worst, losing their life in the line of duty.

Thugs are brazen, callous and ruthless. They will not hesitate to maim or kill. The scoundrels have easy access to arms and ammunition, including explosives for use in ATM bombings and cash-in-transit robberies.

The scenario is equally applicable to prison, army, traffic and justice personnel and private protection services staff, as well as other police, for example in the military and metro.

There are four classes of police. Class 1 is made up of the top personnel who perform beyond the call of normal duty and work with excellence. The grit, determination and doggedness of some police who locate criminals and put them behind bars in “cold cases” that lie dormant for years, even decades, is amazing.

Class 2 comprises persons who execute their duties in a good and acceptable manner. Such people are a credit to their employees and benefit the public immensely. They must please continue with their fine service. They restore one’s faith in the policing system.

Class 3 consists mainly of under-performers, unfit and obese types and shirkers. They need to quickly up their games/shape up or resign forthwith and make way for competent and efficient persons.

Some such types are in office primarily to use state time and state resources to take their children to and from school, frequent fast food outlets and take family and friends shopping. Maybe someone senior in authority at national HQ should inform the public what is the official police policy, noting that taxpayers’ hard-earned monies are involved?

In Class 4 are the scum of the Earth. These are tainted and corrupt rogue elements. They are, in reality, perpetrators of crime. Such lowlifes must be trapped, arrested, charged and prosecuted, with hard evidence obtained. They should languish in jail for long periods. Such bad elements are known to provide drug lords and other criminal kingpins with inside information, such as when a raid is to take place, and thus thwart and nullify the hard work of police.

They also lose/sell dockets or remove incriminating documents from files and/or solicit bribes and/or abuse their positions in other ways. They dishonour their badges. Unfortunately, the rot is from the top. The most senior police officer is the national police commissioner. Only General George Fivaz excelled.

All who followed were either corrupt or incompetent. Hopefully, Fannie Masemola will prove to be competent and effective. Relevant police and other pertinent personnel are highly commended for executing their duties well.

* Simon Dehal, Verulam.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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