Israel is facing lies and hatred - false charges of “massacres.” writes Cape Argus reader Pat Fisher.
Israel is facing lies and hatred - false charges of “massacres.”

The world refuses to blame terrorists who brag about their plans to “tear down that border, and tear out their hearts from their bodies”, (a quote from Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar). Hamas sent 35000 Gazans to storm the border with Israel - offering $100 to families who joined.

With human shields for cover, Hamas terrorists used bombs, guns and Molotov cocktails to attack Israel’s border.

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The Israeli Defence Force, described by Colonel Richard Kemp of Britain as the most moral army in the world, was forced to use live fire to stop them from advancing into Israel.

Despite these verifiable facts the world libels Israel. The haters grow more vile. Four thousand Israeli families live within 3.2km of the border.

Israel was forced to protect them and now 50 Palestinians are dead. This was Hamas’ plan all along.

Israel is under attack - on the ground and in the media.

Hamas threatened to send 100000 people to breach the border and kidnap innocent Israelis.

Israel faces a ruthless enemy that manipulates the events to make sure that the truth doesn’t get out.

* Pat Fisher, Woodstock.

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