File picture: Lalinka Mahote/African News Agency
File picture: Lalinka Mahote/African News Agency

LETTER: Lorenzo Davids' comments on land invasions puzzling

By Rob Johnston Time of article published Jun 30, 2020

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Lorenzo Davids has hit the nail on the head again in targeting uncaring and incompetent politicians, and saying we must act against them next time we vote (“Madding few weeks in our country with GBV and platitudes of politicians
”). Let’s hope we get that chance soon.

But I’m puzzled by his complaint about acting against illegal land invasions. By-laws and regulations have been developed in all civilised countries to avoid over-densifying residential areas, for very good reasons to do with health, safety and security. How many overcrowded areas have suffered fire damage because the fire brigade couldn’t get access because of narrowed streets, or flooding, because drainage had been built over? And coronavirus infections are rising because of the impossibility of physical distancing in the overcrowded areas.

When people ignore the rules, they are saying they don’t care about the community’s safety and security, only their own selfish concerns.

In line with constitutional fairness, they can’t therefore complain if their safety is not taken into consideration. Fair is fair.

* Rob Johnston, Tokai.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Newspapers.

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