Picture: David Ritchie/African News Agency (ANA)
Dear Executive Mayor Plato.

You will bear witness to the fact that it takes an axing or a resignation for a senior executive in government to spill the beans, as it were.

On Wednesday, we were riveted listening to former minister Ngoako Ramathlodi disclosing the “madness” and the “paralysis” in the ANC-led government under Jacob Zuma and his faction in the NEC and the Cabinet. He could have added Parliament as well.

A day later, on Thursday, the Cape Argus reported on the Bo-Kaap bombshell that recently resigned Mayco member Brett Herron dropped.

If there is any truth in the fact that the city disposed off the St Monica’s Home site - despite there being a reversionary clause that required the site to be returned to the City when the home ceased to operate, it will have transgressed that legal provision.

I believe you should investigate whether such a reversionary clause existed and whether the City knowingly and unlawfully breached that provision.

If so, the matter should be reported to the City manager and to the Speaker to take urgent appropriate action.

Furthermore, seeing that the ANC Youth League Western Cape has delivered a nomination to Heritage Western Cape for the Bo-Kaap to be declared a provincial heritage site, it is imperative that you bring this matter before Council in your address or do so formally in order that all other parties which agree with the nomination can lend it support.

Here is an opportunity for every political party to make common cause with the people of the Bo-Kaap. Cope fully supports the idea.

I am certain that many Cape Town residents look forward to hearing from you on this matter. Let December 13 be a lucky date for Bo-Kaap residents as well as for Cape Town as a whole.

* Farouk Cassim, COPE.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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