City of Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato responds to a Cape Argus reader who voiced his disdain at the Muizenberg Dump. File picture: Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency(ANA)
Running of Muizenberg Dump needn’t stink: improve it and make jobs:

This is an open letter to Mayor Dan Plato, the city engineer, the head of waste disposal and the public.

On Friday, I went to the Muizenberg Dump off Baden Powell Drive to drop off a load of rubbish with my bakkie.

Firstly, the concrete spaces where goods were dumped were overflowing.

Secondly, there was a plastic box that had been used as a seat with a clipboard and written pages on it next to this seat, but there was no official - not even a security guard.

There were bakkies offloading into these overloaded concrete spaces.

Then a big truck came to the bottom of these concrete dumping spaces and a driver jumped out.

I found it strange that there were no bulldozers to help with the workload stemming from this one truck. As I drove off, I saw a group of people who said they were doing an audit at the facility.

I raised my complaint, as stated above, and a man called Ibrahim Mohammed, who claimed to be in charge, said he would see what was happening.

Now, why am I so angry?

I have sent a few emails about how this dumping site is sometimes run, where the smaller vehicles do their dumping. It is also not the first time I have raised the issue of the overflow of dumped goods.

I have also enquired a few times as to why there is no recycling business at this dumping site, like there was a few years ago.

Here we are looking for employment and there is a golden business opportunity - recycling - that is not being utilised like at other dumping sites.

Tons and tons of recyclable goods that could have gone to practical use are filling up the site.

Just up the road, in Prince George Drive, opposite Capricorn Village, there are many people begging for work.Can the city once again investigate my complaint and concerns at this Muizenberg dumping site?

My whole issue above is the area where bakkies offload - only that area.

I cannot forget what President Cyril Ramaphosa stated in his Sona speech last week, when he said each one of us must do something to make South Africa a better place.

I believe that fixing the issues at Muizenberg Dump is in line with that call.

* Keith Blake, Ottery.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

Help us keep our city clean:

I would like to thank Mr Blake for drawing attention to the need to keep Cape Town clean.

I have recently initiated a citywide clean-up campaign with communities, and it is important that we address any shortcomings at our facilities.

In response to the specific queries raised by Mr Blake, my officials have informed me the waste that is brought to the drop-off site at Muizenberg is for loads of less than 1.5 tons. 

It was observed that the loading bays were quite full on the day in question, which is the reality for the facility considering that it was so close to the weekend.

The operator who was clearing the drop-off is new to the position and still in training, which slowed the process of clearing waste.

I must ask that the public please support our staff, some of whom are new to their roles but are learning quickly.

Recycling previously occurred at the site and we requested quotations to continue this process. Unfortunately, we received a poor response.

The intention remains that we want to continue recycling at the facility in the near future and will be re-issuing our call for quotations.

A new materials recovery facility for Coastal Park is in progress and will go out for construction tender advertising shortly.

This facility will include the establishment of a small community recycling facility.

I want to thank Mr Blake for using our waste drop-off facilities, and call on all other members of the community to please help keep Cape Town clean and make use of our 26 drop-off sites across the city for garden refuse, builders material and any other items that don’t fit into wheelie bins.

* Dan Plato, Executive Mayor of Cape Town.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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