CHEERS, BUDDY: After it downed a bottle of milk, eight-year-old Hunter Mitchell says goodbye to his new “bestie beastie friend”, an orphaned rhino cub at Aquila Private Game Reserve, near Touws River. Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)
The story “Young eco-hero” (The Argus, August 21) refers.

We all owe young Hunter Mitchell a vote of thanks. He has done an enormous amount of work in his short life to bring the public’s attention to the slaughter of our rhino population.

We also salute and praise Aquila Game Reserve for encouraging this young hero in his endeavours. Aquila has run an enormous campaign costing millions of rand to bring the plight of the rhino to the attention of all our foreign visitors.

I know that Searl Derman is passionate about wildlife and will stop at nothing to ensure that our rhino population is properly protected so that our grandchildren will have the joy of seeing rhinos in the wild.

ACTIVIST: Hunter Mitchell, 10, has been named a 2018 International Young Eco-Hero by the environmental organisation Action for Nature. Picture: Supplied
CONCERN: Searl Derman and young Hunter Mitchell welcome the young calf to the first rhino orphanage in the Western Cape at the Aquila Private Game Reserve. Pictures: SavingPrivateRhino
Hunter Mitchell developed a close bond with Osita, the young rhino calf at Aquila Game Reserve near Touws River, after hearing of his plight upon being abandoned at birth by his mother.

* Michael Bagraim, Cape Town

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