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Schools are blinded by selfish interests

By Progressive Principals Association Time of article published Nov 14, 2017

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There are two education realities in South Africa. The one serving children of the affluent and the other serving children growing up in the townships.

We need to stare the stark reality in the face that there has been little improvement in the quality of education afforded to the poor over that they received during the apartheid years.

Quality education is the right of every child in this country and the education amendment bill we hope will arrest the widening gap between education for the rich and the poor.

The Department of Basic Education through the bill, realises that the enrolment policies of governing bodies at affluent schools are designed in such a way to exclude learners and parents who cannot afford their exorbitant school fees.

The enrolment policies are thus exclusionary in nature and a universal policy should be implemented for all schools.

We the members of the Progressive Principals’ Association (PPA) are in favour of this portion of the amendment to the education bill.

There have been countless corrupt practices by governing bodies to the appointment of senior positions at schools (principals, deputies, and HODs).

Many unions have been in collusion with these corrupt appointment practices. This state of affairs cannot continue, we therefore see the need for this practice to be outlawed.

The bill hands all power of appointment to the education department. The education department however needs to have competent people assisting them in making these appointments as an unfair appointment can lead to the destabilisation of schools.

Social transformation and corrective justice must be the order of the day in bringing about transformational changes in our communities.

Objections to the amendments to the bill come primarily from a certain sector of our society. They want to retain the status quo as this favours their exclusionary agendas.

Many government officials and politicians have their children at private and former model C schools and they do not raise a whimper.

Our beloved country is sitting on a powder keg in education. If we are not sincere about corrective justice, especially in education, then we are blinded by our selfish intentions.

Come on South Africans, let us all fight for the levelling of the playing fields as our religions and constitution instruct us to do.

Progressive Principals Association

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