Natasha Williams is a grieving mother after her grade 11 child, Keagan de Silver at Mount View High School in Hanover Park was shot and killed Wednesday. Picture: Tracey Adams/African News Agency
On hearing the news about a learner being shot and killed, stirs up a lot of emotions. Knowing this learner and the family quite well you can feel their loss.

Many questions cross your mind Why Keegan de Silver? Like many of our parents in the Hanover Park community are asking.

I fondly remember his grandma’s and mother’s faces on hearing that his older brother passed his matric last year.

They were so proud of his achievement and Keegan being in Grade 11, I am sure they wanted the same for him.

How many of our learners - our children must we loose to a senseless death?

DEVASTATED: Grandmother Sophia Hendricks and mother Natasha Williams mourn the death of Keagan de Silver (inset), who was shot dead at a spaza shop in Hanover Park. Picture: Sisonke Mlamla/Cape Argus

Many of our learners are so scared to come to school. You can see it in their faces and their parents always warn them to come home straight from school.

I am sure the Mountview High School teachers also preach it to their learners and are devastated about this death. For me this is the second time that someone so close is killed, and so young.

What do the authorities think of all these senseless murders? All they do is send “counsellors to that school to make matters look better”.

The problem still exists of senseless murders and life returning to normal with mayhem in the community through all the negativity.

I hope the family can turn to God for solace and comfort because God is the only one that can bring that peace in your heart.

Rest in peace Keegan. Mountview won’t forget you. Love you always brother.

Keagan de Silver. Picture: Tracey Adams/ African News Agency

* Peter N Hendricks, Hanover Park.

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