"Brigadier Cele managed to get the docket from the police station and handed it over to Anti-Gang Unit." Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA/African News Agency
Open letter to Police Minister Bheki Cele and President Ramaphosa

It was with much fanfare, excitement and expectation from us as law-abiding citizens with the launch of the Anti-Gang Unit (AGU) in the worst-affected communities.

My son was tragically killed in July last year trying to save people. He was also a son of this soil, just like his father.

From the onset we experienced lack of service from the detectives’ department. Despite numerous emails and SMSes, nearly nine months down the line we are no nearer seeing justice being served for my beloved son.

After approaching the media, we did experience some interim relief and that is why again I have to rely on the pen to try to get some closure for my family.

I went the route of first our (Lentegeur) police station, CID in Mitchells Plain Police, Lentegeur Detectives Comm, DPC W Cape General Investigations Support, the M/Plain cluster, and the list goes on.

I approached the office of MrJula. When no relief I went to the National Deputy Commissioner’s office, then to the National Commissioner and then the office of the National Police Minister .

They referred it back to Mr Jula.

Brigadier Cele managed to get the docket from the police station and handed it over to Anti-Gang Unit.

We were ecstatic and thought there is light at the end of the tunnel. The detective assigned to our case is in court every day and simply do not have time for the case.

It seems the attitude is that “it is not my case to start with, I already have so many”.

I asked his commander for someone else and also complained to the head of AGU, but both gentlemen didn’t even bother to respond. Many promises were made but yet no phone call,no SMS and no home visits.

Now is this fate that a father who mourns his son on a daily basis has to phone them?

At my house are still photos of the person who allegedly pulled the trigger (as he confessed), as well as his accomplices, but they are gathering dust. We as a grief-stricken family have to do their work and “investigate” what happened on that fateful night.

We have collected all the information. They have only to question the alleged criminals. Nearly nine months after his death and not one single suspect has been questioned by the AGU.

Their top detective officials seems more interested in polishing their badges instead of fulfilling their Constitutional obligation of “Protect and Serve”.

I see a trend where the AGU makes speedy and many arrests when a gang member has been killed but when it comes to cases of innocent children being shot and killed they are treated as cold cases.

Sirs, I appeal to you that, in our beautiful country, all lives matter and all are equal before the law.

As a family we cannot mourn peacefully whilst these people walk the streets. We just seek closure for our little hero.

I pray that God will awaken your (Police) conscience and give us relief. For my son until my last breath.

* Cornelius Basson, Mitchells Plain.

** The views expressed here are not necessarily those of Independent Media.

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