Tshidi Thamana

Lauren Manning


ANOTHER model has had to apologise for racist language on Twitter.

Tshidi Thamana tweeted from her account @tshiditee: “Dear Mr Peter Mokaba… I wish All White People were killed when you sang ‘Kill The Boer’ we wouldn’t be experiencing @JessicaLeandra’s racism right now.”

She was responding to SA model Jessica Leandra dos Santos, who sparked widespread anger last week by using the k-word on Twitter.

Thamana’s tweet on Friday received a barrage of responses, with one user responding: “I wish all k*****s could be killed so we can have our own country again.”

Thamana later apologised for the tweet saying: “Yes racism is wrong… It was tweeted out of anger.”

Meanwhile, another instance of hate speech, in Cape Town, has highlighted the proliferation of the problem on social networking forums.

In a Facebook rant, Cape Peninsula University of Technology student Ken Sinclair said he had “seriously had enough of the blacks in this country”, that “they… are ruining our university and our country”.

A representative of law firm Webber Wentzel said that individuals could be charged with hate speech and jailed for posting racist or offensive comments on social networking sites.

It is not clear if Dos Santos and Sinclair will face legal consequences for their statements.

Facebook has a list of rights and responsibilities for users, but failure to comply only results in the user’s account being closed.

Users may not post content that is hateful or threatening or “use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory”.

In SA, hate speech is not protected under free speech and expression laws.

On April 18 UCT students and staff met to discuss whether the university was racist.

The conversation highlighted a range of experiences and opinions – pointing to the fact that the debate was expected to continue.

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