The announcement by the sports ministry this week that race quotas in team selection will be done away with would have been welcomed by former Springbok coach Nick Mallett.

Mallett has always felt that there has been a lack of logic in the clamour for racial representation in top rugby teams.

His argument has been based on the attributes and genetics required to be a player at first class and international level.

"It is time people realise that rugby is not about individuals.

"Rugby is a sport where big, strong and fast people excel and if you don't start off with those attributes you are just going to struggle," said Mallett.

For Mallett, it is no coincidence that Springbok forward packs have, down the years, been dominated by Afrikaans players at the expense of not just black players, but also English speaking players.

"I don't know why it is, but it is a fact that the Afrikaner cultural group just seems to produce some freakishly built people with a freakish genetic make-up.

"There are very few countries in the world that can produce someone built like Pierre Spies, who is not only powerful and massively built, but also super-quick for his size.

"And he is not alone, there are other players just like him, such as Juan Smith and Schalk Burger.

"In the backline we also have several players with freakish genetic make-up such as Francois Steyn and even Jean de Villiers.

"It is not racist that these players play ahead of black players, just as it is not racist that players with Pacific Island backgrounds are starting to dominate backlines in New Zealand.

"In New Zealand a lot of the so-called white players are giving up rugby on the basis that they are tired of being smashed by the big islanders. It is all about genetics."

Mallett uses the last three decades of South African boxing history to illustrate his point.

"Generally South African boxing has been dominated in recent years by black fighters, but they have all been in the lower weight divisions.

"The heavyweight division, if you look at the guys who have made it big, has been dominated by white boxers. Just look at the names - Kallie Knoetze, Gerrie Coetzee, even Jimmy Abbott, Corrie Sanders, and before that Pierre Coetzer.

"Is it a coincidence that Afrikaans white guys, who make up only a small fraction of the population - and so few of them even take up boxing - have been so dominant among the heavyweights?

"I don't think so. Rugby requires big, heavyweight type guys. If our heavyweight boxing had been dominated over the years by black boxers, then we could ask why more of them aren't coming through to make it in rugby. But this isn't the case.

"The fact is that white Afrikaners tend to be built big and a lot of them have the freakish genetics that I was talking about.

"That is why they dominate the national rugby team."