By Jonty Mark

Ria Ledwaba, the chairperson of Ria Stars, on Tuesday described the man who has applied to have her football club liquidated as "seriously sick".

Businessman Matiki Samuel Chikala is alleging that he owns a 24% share in the Pietersburg club, bought for around R400 000 between December 1999 and January 2000.

Given that Ria Stars have, since then, gained Premier Soccer League status, Chikala is further alleging that his shares are now worth a mind-boggling R44-million, and that Stars must go into liquidation so that they can pay him what he claims is due.

But Ledwaba, along with her lawyer, C J Spruyt, on Tuesday denied the allegations and threatened to sue the Johannesburg newspaper that broke the story for defamation.

"I didn't know my club was worth that much until I read the story in the newspaper this morning," said Ledwaba.

"The man (Chikala) is seriously sick and needs to be examined. I have worked my heart out for 10 years for this club, and no one will drag me down."

Spruyt said his client's case would be vehemently defended.

"There is no truth to any of these allegations," he said.