Luke Watson's legal woes may not be over if civil rights group AfriForum proceeds with plans to take him to the Equality Court.

AfriForum's Kallie Kriel announced on Wednesday that it had tasked its lawyers with preparing a legal bid to take Watson to the court to account for allegedly claiming that SA Rugby was being run by "a bunch of Dutchmen", or for using "words to that effect".

"We gave our legal team to start looking at ways of taking Luke Watson to the Equality Court and we hope within the next few weeks to file legal papers," Kriel told the Cape Argus.

"We're confident that he used the term during the question and answer session, which was not recorded."

The occasion was the Ubumbo Rugby Festival on October 3 at the UCT Rugby Football Club where Watson was also allegedly recorded as saying that he had found it difficult not to vomit on the Springbok rugby jersey, such was his contempt for the animal which still represents the national rugby team.

Charges against Watson by SA Rugby were dropped this week after it was ruled that the presiding officer at Watson's hearing had not been appointed in keeping with SA Rugby's own regulations.

But AfriForum now intends taking Watson on for his alleged use of the term "Dutchmen".

"I think it's an issue of principle, and not about Watson himself.

"In this country, at a time in which we need to foster mutual recognition and respect between communities, it's harmful for these types of remarks to be made, because they polarise people," Kriel said.