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Cape Town - Two occupants of a sedan were killed when a truck overturned and its container landed on the passenger vehicle, crushing it.

The crash, on the N1 FW de Klerk Boulevard inbound just beyond the Koeberg Interchange in Maitland, Cape Town, caused major delays as traffic was diverted via Milnerton and Paarden Island. 

Cape Town Traffic Spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout

The driver of the truck was seriously injured. 

WATCH: Container crushes passenger vehicle on N1 Cape Town

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said two men were killed and another man was critically injured. 

"Two men have been killed and another critically injured this morning when a truck and trailer overturned onto a light motor vehicle on the N1 at the Koeberg Interchange in Woodstock, Western Cape.

"ER24 paramedics, along with Metro and Life Healthcare, arrived on the scene to find the truck and trailer in the fast lane of the highway. A light motor vehicle had been completely crushed beneath a container that had been on the trailer.

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"Paramedics found the driver of the truck hanging partially outside his vehicle. The man was quickly extricated from the vehicle and assessed. Paramedics found that the man had sustained a serious head injury and was in a critical condition.

"The man was immediately treated for his injuries and provided with advanced life support interventions. Once treated, the man was transported to Vincent Palotti Hospital for urgent care.

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"Metro rescue services had to use a specialised crane the remove the container off of the light motor vehicle, an operation lasting some time. Once the container had been lifted, paramedics found the bodies of two men lying trapped inside their vehicle. Unfortunately, both men had already succumbed to their multiple injuries. Nothing more could be done for them and they were declared dead.

"Traffic was heavily affected in the area due to the collision.

"Local authorities were on the scene to determine the exact cause of the collision," Meiring said.

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Cape Town Traffic spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout said the cause of the crash was as yet unknown and the roadway remained closed. 

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Motorists have been advised to use alternative routes into Cape Town's CBD.

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