DEMANDING JUSTICE: Social Justice Coalition activists protest outside the Western Cape High Court during the pre-sentence hearing of Sikhangele Mki, who was found guilty of rape, kidnapping and attempted robbery. Picture: Cindy Waxa/ANA Pictures

Cape Town - Serial rapist and paedophile Sikhangele Mki has been handed 15 life terms and an additional 120 years imprisonment by the Western Cape High Court.

The sentences are set to run concurrently.

Handing down the sentence Deputy Judge President Patricia Goliath ordered that Mki’s name be recorded in the sexual offenders register. 

National Prosecuting Authority regional spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila. Video: Zodidi Dano/Cape Argus

"Rape is an extremely serious offence; it is humiliating, degrading and an invasion of one’s privacy - an invasion of a person and the person’s innermost private space.

"Rape has deviated physical and psychological impacts that is evident in the victim impacts statements I have received. All complaints were emotionally, psychologically and severely traumatised by the incidents," she said   

Mki, 34, was convicted of 27 counts of kidnapping and 30 counts of rape. The ages of his victims varied from 11 to 28; nine of them are under the age of 16 and the youngest victim was 11 years old.

In addition to the counts were 12 counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances, six counts of attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances, three counts of attempted robbery, two counts of robbery and four counts of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Cape Town serial rapist, 34-year-old Sikhangele Mki. Picture: Catherine Rice/ANA

Goliath described the crimes as "heinous in the extreme".
She said her sentence in this matter would send a message to Mki and all other "would be criminals" that impose violence against women and children. 
"Violence against women and children is endemic in South Africa. Society demands heavy punishment of rapist," she said. 

Supporters of the Social Justice Coalition celebrate the sentence handed down on Sikhangele Mki. Video: Zodidi Dano/Cape Argus

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