Renaldo van Rooyen and Taufeeq Ebrahim tried to sell Zara Hector's boyfriend's BMW Z3 to a drug dealer for R400, the court heard.

Cape Town - Zara Hector’s alleged killers tried to sell her boyfriend’s BMW Z3 for R400 to a Bishop Lavis drug dealer, the Western Cape High Court heard.

Hector was bludgeoned to death. Her body was found ten days later on March 24, 2016, in Groot Drakenstein, while the car was found dumped in Observatory.

State witness Quinton Pheira said he met murder accused Renaldo Van Rooyen and Tawfeeq Ebrahim on March 15, 2016. 

Pheira, who is in custody on another matter, said he met them through a friend known as Reagan.

Zara Hector. Picture: Supplied

“Renaldo said he has a hot car that he took from some place in Kuilsriver and that they are selling it for R400,” he said. 

Pheira said a “hot car” was meant to indicate a stolen vehicle.

They went to the car, which was parked near the Bishop Lavis train station, but when they got there, the car wouldn't start. 

Van Rooyen went to check the boot and discovered that the battery had been stolen.

"We went to my house and I gave them a battery and returned back to the car and inserted the battery. Renaldo turned the ignition, the lights on the dashboard went on. But it would not move."

They eventually got the car started. Pheira and Reagan climbed in with Van Rooyen, who was driving; Ebrahim followed behind on foot.

The four of them went to Reagan’s home where the car was parked until just before midnight.

“As we were leaving Reagan’s house, Reagan stayed behind, I asked if I could drive the car to my house. 

“To me driving the car was a dream fulfilled. I have never driven in such a beautiful car, a Z3,” he told the court.

Driving the BMW Z3 was a 'dream fulfilled' according to a State's witness in Zara Hector's murder trial.

Pheira said while at his house he offered the two accused drugs as a means of making them stay longer and also to allow him the opportunity to drive the car again.

At around 4.30am Van Rooyen asked whether Pheira would buy the car, but he refused. 

“Renaldo loves drugs, but Tawfeeq appeared nervous. He kept biting his nails. Renaldo was the negotiator while Tawfeeq was like a big, powerless baby.”

Out of the deal Van Rooyen managed to sell the car's sound system and shuttle for R70 to Pheira. He said he would return in the afternoon with a Mercedes Benz SLK, but needed to go to Woodstock first, the court heard.

Pheira said the two never returned. 

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