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Warrapen Oscars?

Social media was lit with memes and words of sympathy after the wrong Best Picture Winner was announced.

27 February 2017 | Celeb News

One epic road trip

"It's always funny...until someone gets hurt. Humour is a funny thing!

14 October 2016 | Film

Woody Allen’s Café Society film review

WOODY Allen's first significantly Los Angeles-filmed feature since Annie Hall nearly 40 years ago is another bittersweet, lightly comic romance, this one set in the big studio heyday of the 1930s.

6 October 2016 | Film

Well-made biopic of Dhoni

CLOCKING in at just over three hours this biopic of Indian cricketing legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni is overlong and far from perfect.

6 October 2016 | Film

‘Blair Witch’: don’t go back into woods

GETTING in on the reboot racket, horror show <em>Blair Witch</em> relaunches the long-dormant brand, putting fresh blood in charge with director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett (collaborators on <em>The Guest</em>, <em>You're Next</em>, <em>V/H/S </em>and <em>V/H/S 2 </em>and others) taking over the reins.

22 September 2016 | Film

It’s ‘Ab Fab’ sweetie, darling!

THERE'S a surprisingly touching moment at the end of <em>Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie </em>where Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders), thinking she is about to drown in a sinking fish-delivery vehicle in a Riviera swimming pool (don't ask), confesses that all she ever wanted in life was "to not be fat and keep the party going".

22 September 2016 | Film

Terror goes ‘Viral’ in teen flick

A MONSTER movie whose stranded-teen heroes are more likeable than usual, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's <em>Viral</em> imagines a parasitic outbreak in which, just maybe, a science teacher's daughter can do what the CDC cannot.

15 September 2016 | Film

‘Sausage Party’ smart, subversive and madcap

<em>SAUSAGE Party</em>, an R-rated comedy about food products waiting to be sold at a supermarket, begins unpromisingly, with a musical number so effing gratuitously overstuffed with effed-up F-bomb adjectives.

8 September 2016 | Film