Tim Kolk puts his taste buds to the test, but why not treat yours to a taste journey at the Tops at Spar Wine show, presented by the Cape Times. Photo: Wine.co.za

Do you find broccoli bitter? Is spicy too feisty for you? 

Or do you avoid creamy cakes at all costs? If these foods turn your tummy, you may be a Supertaster! Proven to have an acute sense of taste, Supertasters – a term that was coined in 1991 by psychologist Linda Bartuschuk after she found that certain people reacted differently to the distinctly bitter taste of the chemical propylthioracil, or PROP as it’s more commonly called – are rare with only 25% of the global population said to possess these superhero taste buds. If you’re female, or Asian, then your chances are even higher. 

Having an overly stimulated tongue made you a major asset to your clan when we were hunter- gatherers, as you could identify poisonous plants. Fast forward millennia, it’s no longer needed to protect friends and family from deadly veggies, but instead is put to good use in the world of wine and fine food to pick up finely-tuned tasting notes and flavours that the rest of us mere mortals simply can’t.

“In the world of wine and fine-dining Supertasters are highly sought after as they can make excellent sommeliers who expertly match a wine to a particular dish, enhancing the tastes and flavours of both. 

But in everyday life, having this super power is an advantage too; you can identify the layers and complexity in wines that are otherwise ‘naked’ making the experience richer and more enjoyable,” says Andrew Douglas, The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show Organiser. Besides revealing who has talented taste buds, The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show hosts a complete wine experience at its popular Cape Times Wine Theatre, a jam-packed programme of tastings and talks presented by wine personalities and industry celebrities.

“The theatre experience has been part of the show’s fabric since it launched 12 years ago” says Douglas. Visitors love it as they learn about wine from those in the know, how to taste, smell and pair it, as well as understand which wines complement which foods. Handy know-how to have when hosting your next dinner party! Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are included in the price of the show’s ticket. There is also a hospitality VIP option over and above general access this year. 

Think VIP lounge access, a special gift, canapés, and, and, and…. Visit us in Winederland, taking place at Sun Park, GrandWest from 14 – 16 December 2017. Tickets are available online with new ticketing provider, Ticketpro. General admission is R120 online or R140 at the door. 

It includes a tasting glass, all tastings and access to the Cape Times wine theatre and a map to help navigate the show