INDEPENDENT: Jimmy puts his heart and soul into a performance on the Manenberg stage at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.
INDEPENDENT: Jimmy puts his heart and soul into a performance on the Manenberg stage at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.
Picture: Cindy Waxa
Picture: Cindy Waxa

Nevis (real name Matthew le Roux), released a new single, Don’t Want To Fight, on Tuesday.

The singer is set to challenge the ideologies behind certain aspects of society.

His plan for the year also includes a clothing line.

Nevis continues to make waves as one of the best local singers in the city and is set to take his music to new heights.

Top Of The Times caught up with Nevis With him was his best friend and former back-up singer, Janice.

You’ve released your new single and music video - how does it feel?

It feels amazing. My mother cried this morning on the phone because she’s so happy.I have put my heart and soul into this because I directed this and did all the logistics as an independent artist .

Tell us about the song and why it is so important to you?

In a nutshell, it’s about living an honest life and not being limited or restricted or apologetic for who you are and society’s expectations of who you should be.

Try to live your best life and acknowledge that God is with you at all times, not only on a Sunday morning but also when you are at a club on a Friday night. It doesn’t make you any less of a spiritual person.

Why do you touch on the issue of religion in ‘Don’t Want To Fight’? I live by faith, I am a Christian. When I started off in the industry I was not allowed to drink or party as it wasn’t part of my brand. My dad was a pastor, so there were lot of things that I was very shy about.

Many people would think that “oh no, you should go live your life but also make sure you’re in church on Sunday”. I found myself being too many different people.

In this song and at this point in my life I feel like I don’t have to be 10million people. I can be myself and it is okay to be myself to God.

It’s a songfor people to reflect on their own lives and whatever religion you are, no one can judge you and be who you are.

Was there a point during the course of shooting the music video that you had second thoughts?

I did have a moment when I didn’t want to do this. While shooting we were at the St James, a beautiful church. We were all in costume and we were setting up lights and the church has a couple of services every half an hour.

The morning when we got there they were having a service. I was wearing this cape with a crown, and I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was like OMG! this can be taken in such a wrong way. So I began stressing and panicking and I walked off the set.

And because I am a independent artist, I call a lot of the shots so I called everyone and asked crew memberswhat they thought of me when they see me in this costume?

I walked to the altar and bowed down to the cross. In a sense the message would be even a king or no matter who you are, eventually you have to surrender to God because God is greater.

Your outfit at the Sun Met caused a stir on social media. How do you deal with negative comments and people who disapprove of certain aspects of who you are?

I’m prepared for negative comments because people have said the harshest things to my face and I have such a thick skin. My art speaks for itself. I won’t let people hold me down from expressing myself. I put on that outfit at the Met and I laughed a bit because I’m not like that at home, I don’t wear capes and feathers but I felt like a boss (laughs).

Your clothing line is expected to make its debut soon Everything is still under wraps but what’s amazing about this brand is that everything is 100% locally produced and made. There is a small delay but it will definitely be launching between May and June .