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Hip hop dancers reject an opportunity to go overseas

A Cape Town Hip Hop Dance crew's participation in an international competition is in jeopardy after they rejected an instruction from Hip Hop Dance SA (HHDSA) to book through them - at a far higher price than they are accustomed to.

17 June 2016 | Music

Why AKA is set on a BET win

One of South Africa's hottest hip hop artists, AKA, says there is more to him possibly winning at this year's Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards in Los Angeles than simply scooping an award.

15 June 2016 | Arts Portal

What a Joyous Celebration!

IT'S been over two years since Joyous Celebration has performed in Cape Town and they are determined to not let their legion of patient fans down in Goodwood today and tomorrow.

25 April 2016 | Music

AKA patron for music scholarship

WITH many people across the country dreaming of a career in the worlds of music or film, The SAE Institute and Bridges for Music are about to make at least one more dream come true.

20 April 2016 | Music