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Lost masterpiece discovered in attic

A painting found in a leaky French attic, worth about e120m (R1.9 billion), has been provisionally identified as a lost masterpiece by late 16th century Italian painter Caravaggio.

13 April 2016 | Visual Arts

Silke’s art: theatrical, antique world

ERIS SILKE'S enigmatic style – a powerful language employing strong drawing techniques and the use of acrylics and glazes – constitute an unwavering dedication to her art for over four decades.

6 April 2016 | Visual Arts

A secret language

Last year, the exhibition <em>It begins with Battiss</em> at The New Church contemporary art museum exhibited not only works by Walter Battiss, but also artists "whose production shares an affinity with the merging of reality and fantasy to build new personalised reflections on reality".

30 March 2016 | Visual Arts

Butterfly Art Project aims to heal

THE Butterfly Art Project facilitates positive growth in the township of Vrygrond, where poverty and related problems often affect the day to day life of the community.

15 March 2016 | Visual Arts

Intriguing works on ‘Ubuntu/Unhu’

Chikonsero Chazunguza, Masimba Hwati and Gareth Nyandoro have produced intriguing works that deal with the confluence of tradition and struggle amidst the homogenising effects of modernity.

29 February 2016 | Visual Arts

Novelty heightens our perception

THE inversion of light and shadow marks accomplished photographer and professor of neuropsychology, Hennric Jokeit's ghostly, eerie and perhaps mystical photographs.

24 February 2016 | Visual Arts