INTIMATE: Auditions open for Boy Meets Boy in February.

HAVING recently enjoyed a five-star revival at the Jermyn Street Theatre, in the heart of London’s West End, Festival Productions will present Bill Solly and Donald Ward’s hilarious smash hit musical comedy Boy Meets Boy. The work will be staged at the Artscape Arena for a four-week season during June and July.

The lighthearted piece is packed with catchy songs and is set in the 1930s romantic style of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

The show will be staged by award-winning director Teddy Davies, with musical direction by Victor Tichart and choreography by Roxy Levy.

Auditions open next month for a cast of 13, who must have good singing voices and good looks. Experience in stage movement will be a recommendation. The story is about two men who marry after some farcical situations, all sorted out by their straight friend Andrew.

The comedy role of campy Clarence Cutler is bitchy and sarcastic, while Lady Rose and Josephine de la Rose are both played by the same actress (a soubrette).

The demanding chorus of four girls and four boys play various other roles. Davies feels it is essential for the men to have good physiques for semi-nude scenes.

Auditions are on February 9 from 10am-1pm for chorus and from 2pm-5pm for principals and on February 16 from 2pm for recalls – in the Artscape Rehearsal Room 308. Entrants are required to sing a song from any musical. – Arts writer

l To audition, call 021 433 0923.