Base jumper free from charges. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

Avery Carpenter

STICKS and stones may break his bones, but charges will not hurt him – base jumper Jeb Corliss will not be charged for jumping off Table Mountain illegally because “his injuries are enough of a deterrent to other jumpers”.

This is according to Table Mountain National Park spokeswoman Merle Collins.

“Jeb is not absolved of responsibility, but we hope that his injuries are enough to show people that it is not safe to jump,” Collins said.

Table Mountain National Park will still fine Corliss R1 500 and it is considering a fine against the South African film company commissioned to document his flight for US network HBO.

The company’s details will not be released until the park decides on an appropriate fine.

Corliss called Table Mountain National Park to apologise, saying he was not aware that it (base jumping) was illegal on Table Mountain.

“We choose to believe Jeb,” Collins said.

Leander Lacey, one of the five registered base jumpers in the Western Cape, said that the sport was “super safe”. He expressed concern that it would be banned.

“We’ve kept it safe for so long and haven’t given authorities a reason to ban it. It’s very sad that they’re making a huge deal out of this.”

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