Former Fidentia boss Arthur Brown has effectively been sentenced to a fine of R150 000 for two counts of fraud.

Alternatively, if he cannot pay the fine (R75 000 for each count), he may serve 3 years' in jail (18 months for each count).

He was further given three more years' imprisonment, but this is wholly suspended for four years -- he would only have to serve this sentence should he again be convicted of fraud over the next four years.

His sentence was handed down today by Western Cape High Court Judge Anton Veldhuizen.

Judge Veldhuizen said that Brown hadn't, in terms of his convictions, caused actual prejudice (harm) but had only foreseen that his actions might cause potential prejudice.

He could not, he said, sentence Brown for crimes he had not been convicted of, adding that this "would be wrong".

Brown was last month convicted on two counts of fraud for misrepresentations he made relating to the Transport Education and Training Authority (Teta) and the Mantadia Asset Trust Company (Matco).

He pleaded guilty to these counts and the State accepted his admissions.

Brown appeared calm as his sentence was handed down.