Caryn Dolley

THE surfer identified as the one who repeatedly dunked another in an apparent surf rage incident has spoken out for the first time and says accounts of what happened have been “all speculation”.

Yesterday, five days after the incident was initially publicised and when asked if he was indeed the surfer depicted in photographs dunking another surfer, Rasool Hendricks told the Cape Times: “The whole thing was a joke. It was pure speculation.”

Hendricks did not confirm or deny if it was him in the photographs.

Asked categorically if he had dunked another surfer or tried to force him under water, Hendricks responded: “No. It’s all speculation.”

He added that he would release further information at a later stage.

The alleged victim in the incident, whose name is known to the Cape Times, yesterday declined to throw any light on what transpired.

The incident came to light late last week when the surf website posted about a “near-drowning” that happened on December 30 on the West Coast.

Photographs of the incident were included and showed one surfer apparently holding another in a neck lock and repeatedly dunking him in the water.

Scores of surfers had then commented on the post and some had identified the surfer, apparently dunking the other, as Rasool Hendricks.