Dr Iqbal Surv�
Dr Iqbal Surv�

Editorial: Independent views

Time of article published Dec 6, 2013

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SOME readers have expressed concern at the publication, on our Insight page on Thursday, of a long article by Dr Iqbal Survé, the executive chairman of the group which owns Independent Newspapers, and the Cape Times.

They fear that this may herald a change in the policy of the newspaper under its new owners.

It does not.

Our opinion pages are open to anyone who has an interesting argument to make about anything, whether or not we agree with it. Provided the argument is fairly well expressed, thought-provoking and likely to be of interest to our readers, the article is welcome on the Insight page, and if it prompts responses in the form of letters or other articles, we will publish those too.

Concerns that the Cape Times may become a vehicle for the expression of the corporate interests of the Sekunjalo Group, and/or the political interests of a faction in the ANC to whom the new owners are said to be close, are unfounded.

In our opinion pages, we will continue to publish a range of views, and we will allow those criticised by Survé to respond to his criticisms.

In our news pages, we will not advance any agenda, corporate or political. When we cover the activities of his Sekunjalo Group, or those of the other investors in the consortium which owns the Cape Times, we will do so in the same way we cover everything: by doing our best to be accurate, to be balanced and to give both sides of the story.

We will not avoid issues which might embarrass our owners or take instruction from them on what to write.

In other words, we will keep on doing what the Cape Times has always done: bring readers the best information we can.

If the new owners invest money in our newspapers, as they have promised to do, we will be able to do this better than before.

Survé wrote in on Thursday’s article that Independent Newspapers should “remain what it has always been, a place where all worldviews, ideas and political schools are welcome”.

We believe readers have nothing to fear.

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