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The great N2 pie fiesta

t was against two legendary pitstops that all pies would be measured and, just in case our gustatory enthusiasm overcame us, we had a number of stops planned.

31 March 2017 | Escape Times

Flowing out of the Zambezi

Flocks of brightly coloured birds and an abundance of wildlife – hippos, elephants, black rhinos, wild dogs, cheetahs and lions – can be found around the Zambezi River.

17 February 2017 | Escape Times

Much to do in Addo

One of the things I love most about the Eastern Cape is you don't have to drive much more than an hour from Port Elizabeth to get off the beaten track.

16 February 2017 | Escape Times

Nine breakfasts to cure hangovers

Everyone has their own remedy for a hangover: drinking water before bed to prevent the onset, eating a banana to restore potassium levels, making a fry-up to satisfy those salt cravings, or just hobbling as fast as your hungover legs will carry you to the nearest McDonald's.

12 January 2017 | Cape Times