REEL ROCK: Nine-year-old Ashima Shiraishi is taking the bouldering world by storm.Photo: Brett Lowell

CAPE Union Mart has launched its latest Adventure Film Challenge, which offers local film-makers the opportunity to have their work showcased in the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

Professional and amateur film-makers can submit five-minute short films that celebrate outdoor culture and lifestyle.

The winner takes home R10 000 and R2 000 worth of K-Way gear, and the grand prize of having their entry screened at Banff.

Entries will be assessed on quality, narrative structure and capacity to tell South African stories.

Cape Union Mart’s Nick Bennett says entrants needn’t be restricted to documenting extreme sports and death-defying adventures. “While the focus tends to be on the more extreme elements of the outdoor lifestyle, the films are about people and places. What we’re looking for are films that capture the essence of our local outdoor and adventure lifestyle, and which highlight quintessentially local stories likely to resonate with festival-goers.”

Conceived with a view to showcasing some of the amazing initiatives undertaken by local athletes, conservationists and environmentalists, the Adventure Film Challenge forms an integral part of Cape Union Mart’s bid to support South Africans’ love for the outdoors.

“The challenge affords us not only an opportunity to further encourage local film-makers to engage with the outdoors, but also to highlight some truly awe-inspiring projects which have, until now, drawn very little attention,” says Bennett.

Entrants can upload videos on YouTube with the link on the entry form. Videos must be able to be shown on a big screen. Entries filmed on devices such as GoPros are eligible, but the finished product should be polished. – Arts writer

l Entries close on June 30. See