GROUNDED: If you swiped your card when buying 1time tickets, you qualify to apply for chargeback.


A cardholder has 120 days from the date of travel as reflected on the ticket, to dispute and request chargeback via Absa for services not rendered. Should the dispute be found to be justified, the supplier of the service is debited and the cardholder’s account is credited. Chargeback rights apply where the service has not been delivered as contracted, whether the merchant has been liquidated or not. To claim, call 0861 462 273, visit a branch, or e-mail disputes@


Nedbank clients have 30 days to raise a chargeback dispute. Nedbank and American Express cardholders may apply for a chargeback if they have bought a 1time ticket on their Nedbank Visa or MasterCard credit and cheque card, their American Express card or cheque card, for a flight scheduled to depart after 3pm on November 2. To claim, call 0860 555 111. Complete the dispute form and provide a copy of your ticket.


FNB clients have 180 days from the date the airline’s liquidation was confirmed, to apply for a chargeback. Call 087 575 1111 to get the form. Attach a copy of the unused ticket/flight confirmation to the completed dispute form and fax or e-mail it to the fax number or e-mail address that appears on the form. Indicate “service not rendered” on the form. FNB says refunds may take “several days” due to the volume of disputes being received.


Standard Bank gives its clients 120 days in which to apply for chargeback from the time the service has not been rendered. E-mail Chargebacks.disputes@