Cape Town 09-12-12 -Red Bull Flugtag at the waterfront -Team Bullseye's craft goes soaring off the six-metre high ramp at the V&A waterfront, with pilot Jake Manten in the makeshift cockpit and team mate Nicholas Gibson not far behind. Picture Brenton Geach

Gené McAravey

THE rules of flugtag (flying day) are simple. Participants must build human-powered crafts and pilot them off a six-metre-high ramp in an attempt to achieve flight.

At least that’s what 41 teams from around South Africa tried to do yesterday at the third Red Bull Flugtag competition, attracting thousands of spectators to the V&A Waterfront.

But the teams’ efforts, more often than not, were abject failures. Among the less aerodynamic creations were a chilli-shaped craft, a bright purple worm shape and a giant flip flop that tried to achieve flight by skidding off the elevated ramp from a soapy water slide.

Other teams made more of an effort to achieve lift-off. Among them were team Tiger Moth with their streamlined craft Sabina, in eye-catching black and orange.

The team of four, headed by Craig Mcleod, are pilots and members of the Cape Town Flying Club.

Asked why they decided to participate, Mcleod replied with a grin, “Because it’s lots of fun and has to do with flying.” It took the team nearly two months to build the craft.

The winners were Team Bullseye, with pilot Jake Manten, and a flight of 17.8m.

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